Rheumatoid Arthritis


Rheumatoid Arthritis is a Chronic systematic Autoimmune Disease.It typically results in warm, swollen, and painful joints. Pain and stiffness often worsen following rest. Most commonly, the wrist and hands are involved, with the same joints typically involved on both sides of the body.


Classified in 3 Categories

  • Joints Related
    • Severe Morning Stiffness. (Upto 30-45 Minutes)
    • Restricted Joint Movement.
    • Persistent Pain in Joints.
    • Swollen, Warm Joints.
    • Joint pain can increase by Rest.
  • Systemic Symptoms
    • Generalised Weakness.
    • Malaise
    • Low to Moderate Fever.
    • Headache, Dizziness.
    • Anorexia
    • Disturbed, Irregular Bowel movement.
    • Gastric trouble, Hyper Acidity.
  • Advanced Stage Symptoms
    • Difficulty performing activities of daily living.
    • Joints Deformities like Ulnar Deviation, Swann Neck Deformity.
    • Rheumatoid Nodules formation in Joints.
    • Severe Tenderness in Joints.
    • Joints become Disable for Movement like Bending Etc.


  • Complete Blood Count.
  • ESR - Erythrocytes Sedimentation Rate.
  • C-Reactive Protein level
  • Rheumatoid Factor assay.
  • Antinuclear antibody assay.


  • According to Allopathic ( Modern ) Science Rheumatoid Arthritis is " IDIOPATHIC "
  • IDIOPATHIC = Disease or Condition for which the CAUSE is UNKNOWN.

Ayurveda point of view (Causes)

  • Lack of Physical Activities or Indulging in Exercise after taking fatty foods.
  • Maximum use of vata and pitta aggravated food like potatoes,brinjal,beans,peas,pulses except green and red grams,fermented food like idli,dosa,bakery items like breads,sour food like tamarind,orange,curd,spicy and oily food, Cold Drinks Etc.
  • Sleeping during Day, Awakening during night
  • Mental Stress, Anxiety.
  • Poor Digestion.
  • Chronic Constipation or Dysentery.
  • The half digested, unmetabolised food product which circulates in the body as toxins is called as "AMADOSHA"


  • AMADOSHA circulates in the Entire Body due to Propulsive Effect of Vitiated VATA DOSHA.
  • AMADOSHA + Vitiated VATA + Vitiated PITTA DOSHA Spreads into the Various Joint Space and Settled down there.
  • AMADOSHA & PITTA DOSHA Causes Swelling and Pain in the Joint.
  • AMADOSHA & VATA DOSHA Causes Stiffness, Restricted Movement and Deformities of the Joints.

Ayurveda Treatment

he First line of Treatment is to Detoxify AMADOSHA, VATA and PITTA DOSHA (Which are the Root Cause of this Disease) with the help of Below Listed Treatments.

  • Langhanam ( Fasting with Proper Diet Plan).
  • Abhyanga ( Ayurveda Oil Massage).
  • Valuka Swedan ( Fomentation by using a bolus, Prepared by a Processed warm Sand).
  • Shirodhara ( If the Anxiety, Stress is Suspected in Chief Cause)Virechana ( Purgation Therapy).
  • Basti ( Anema Treatment).
Ayurveda tretment

Medicines Course

  • Stimulates the Digestive Power (AGNIDIPANA) to Stop the Production of AMADOSHA.
  • Expel out Deposited VATA & PITTA DOSHA from Joint Space and Prevent them to be filled by these DOSHAS again with the help of Ayurveda Herbs like Sunthi, Giloy, Erandmool, Gugglu, Shallaki Etc.
  • Increase the Functional Capacity of Joints with the help of Medicines like Brihat Vat Chintamani Ras Etc.
Medicines Course


  • Curable - If the Disease is upto 3 years old and Patient is below the age of 60 years.
  • Difficult to Cure - If the Disease is more than 5-10 years old and Patient's Age is above 60 years.
  • Incurable - If the Disease is more than 15-20 years old with Joint Deformities and Nodules and Patient's Age is above 70 years.