Though Ayurveda has existed for more than 5,000 years, there are still some common myths and misconceptions about this traditional and holistic science of healing. Below, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions that you may have regarding Ayurvedic treatment. We believe this will help you make an informed decision, whether you are undergoing Ayurvedic treatment or plan to go for one in the near future.

Duration of recovery for any disease through Ayurveda Treatment will always depend on the below factors.

Duration of the Disease manifestation
Duration of recovery will always depends on duration of disease manifestation, which means more chronic the disease is , takes more time to be cured.

If the patient is following the diet, advised by the Doctor strictly, there should be no chance of delay in recovery.
If the patient is not following the diet strictly then Effects of Ayurveda Medicines may take too long or in some cases it won't effect at all.

Regularity must be kept by patient in taking Medicines timely with Yoga, Pranayama or Exercise or even Panchakarma Treatment, advised by the Doctor to achieve best results.

Our side
Perfect diagnosis by Doctors can alway s result in perfect line of Treatment. So Doctor’s perfect diagnosis, standard medicines and experienced staff is always necessary to give 100% from our side.

Yes of course.!!!

Irregular life style, food habits are the most common causes of Chronic diseases. Avoidance of causes is the main essence of Any Ayurveda Treatment. So there's no option other than following The diet, if the patient wants to cure disease by its Root Cause.

No. Never

Some Fake Ayurveda Practitioners mixes Allopathic Steroids, Pain Killers etc with Herbal powders & gives them to patients to achieve very quick relief in their symptoms, but that cannot cure the disease permanently.

We at our Clinic never do that as we strongly believe in Ethical way of Ayurveda Practice.

Patient can observe Particular signs if they are consumimg Ayurveda Medicines mixed with steroids from such fake Practitioners like feeling of quick relief in pain even after taking 1st or 2nd doses & quick rise of symptoms when the dose of the medicines skipped for just once or twice.

If patient takes such mixed steroids Ayurveda Medicines for long term unknowingly, he/she can feel weight gain, Bone weakness Etc side effects of steroids.

Not all the Formulations.

Any Ayurveda formulation can be divided into 2 types.

I.Herbal - which only contains medicinal plants powder or Extract in dry or wet form. So it never Contains heavy metals.

II.Ras preparation - which contains incinerated powders of metals which is purified with herbal juice or decoction. If these formulations are made thoroughly with its classical methods then there shouldn't be any heavy metals in them.

yes!!! The reasons behind these are

•Raw materials are becoming costlier Day by Day

•Government taxes are more on Herbs than Allopathic medicines like GST on Ayurveda medicines are 12% while on Allopathic medicines are 5%.

•Less cultivation.

•long procedures in making some formulations.

•High labour charges.

•Increased forest harvesting.

We generally don't advise to immediately discontinue allopathic medicines if you are under treatment for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, neurological disorders, arthritis, mental disorders and heart diseases. Besides, there is no harm in taking both type of medicines as long as you keep your Ayurvedic doctor informed. However, it is important to maintain at least half hour's gap between the two kinds of medications. In due course of time, depending on your progress, the Ayurvedic doctor may reduce the dose of the allopathic medicines. Make sure that you follow any advice or recommendation given by your Ayurvedic doctor regarding this process.

No. Sometimes if the patient doesn't follow the diet and lifestyle advised by the Doctor then only Medicines may cause any side effects.