Mrs. Khushboo Bhatt

She was suffering from Chronic sinusitis due to Nasal Polyps and DNS( Deviated Nasal Septum) since more than 10 years.

She had symptoms of continuous Nasal Blockage due to DNS and hence she had to take Otrivin Nasal drops daily 4-5 times for the Normal breathing through Nostrils.

In the year 2012 she visited our Clinic in a search for permanent cure of her disease.

Nasya Panchakarma Treatment was done for 21 days and after that she took up Ayurveda Medicines Course for at least 6 months. Her diseases was permanently cured and currently she lives in a country like canada where there's cold atmosphere most of the time but she has no relapse in her symptoms even.

Mrs. Zarana Prajapati

She was suffering from Chronic Sinusitis since her childhood.

She had a chief complaint of severe pain on both cheeks besides Nostrils which is also known as maxillary sinus.

She was fade up mentally and physically when she visited our Clinic for the first time.

She was an engineering student and she had been feeling severe pain on her cheeks whenever she saw down to complete her engineering drawing task.

Nasya Treatment with Anu oil and Kayfal churna ( Pradhman Nasya) was done for 21 days along with Medicines Course for 7-8 months.

She has been totally cured and after the Treatment she never feels the pain above her cheeks even while bending her face for engineering drawing task.

Mr. Jignesh Chavda

Mr Jignesh had problem of Recurrent Cold and Cough from almost 3-4 years, he was diagnosed of “S” shaped Nasal Septum deviation by well known ENT specialist of Surat district named as Dr Faridaben Wadia. He had been advised to Operate it by ENT specialist.

When he came to us we immediately started NASYA Treatment, which was completed in 21 days and after the Treatment He continued to use Ayurveda Nasal drops followed by facial steam at home along with Ayurveda Medicines for at least 8 months and he has been cured totally.

Ms.Shital Khatik

Ms Shital has been suffering from Recurrent headaches almost daily from 5 years with severe Hyper Acidity, Stress, Anxiety and Depression. She was diagnosed with “Migraine” by Neurologist as well as Psychiatric Doctor.

She was Diagnosed as VATA and PITTA dominant SHIRAHSHOOL(Headache) according to us ( As per Ayurveda Fundamental diagnosis).

As per Dr Tanmay's advice she started “Shirodhara” and “Nasya” Treatments which was done for 2 weeks. She felt almost 80% improvement in her all the symptoms in just 2 weeks. she continued the Ayurveda Medicines Course, suggested by Dr Tanmay for 3 months and was cured from her chronic Migraine by its Root Cause.

Mrs Dipali Joshi

She had been suffering from severe headache half sided for almost 3-4 days a week since last 10 years with symptoms of Gastric trouble and Chronic constipation.

She was diagnosed as chronic Migraine by Neurologist.

She took Panchakarma Treatment of “BASTI” and “SHIRODHARA” for 2 weeks and continued Ayurveda Medicines for at least 1 year with following of strict diet as advised by Dr Tanmay.

Her disease was cured by its Root Cause in total 14 months of Ayurveda Treatment including Panchakarma, Medicines Course and Diet as per her body constitution.

Mrs Dhruti Bhatt

She was patient of secondary Infertility and had been operated for uterine fibroids in past.

She has been suffering from irregular Menstrual cycle due to increase in uterine wall thickness, which was the reason she couldn't conceive 3rd child of her desire.

She took up 16 days of Panchakarma Treatment ( Kala Basti & Shirodhara ) advised by Dr Tanmay sagar and also continued Ayurveda Medicines Course along with Ayurveda Diet as per her body constitution.

After 1 year of taking medicines she Conceived a healthy, Normal Child of her desire.

Mrs Sonal Shah

She was suffering from irregular Menstrual cycle due to PCOD, which was the reason she couldn't conceive 2nd child of her desire.

She was diagnosed as excessive PITTA DOSHA has been the root cause of her disease as per Ayurveda Fundamentals.

She took up 16 days of Panchakarma Treatment ( Kala Basti & Shirodhara ) advised by Dr Tanmay sagar and also continued Ayurveda Medicines Course along with Ayurveda Diet as per her body constitution.

After 6 months of taking medicines she Conceived a healthy, Normal Child of her desire.

Mrs Rekha Gupta

When she came to us she was already diagnosed with RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS by Allopathic doctors as she had symptoms like Whole body joints Pain with severe morning Stiffness and mild to moderate swelling over there and lethargy and body weakness.

After thorough investigation including pulse examination according to Ayurveda, Dr Tanmay diagnosed her as a “AAMVATA” and advised her to take repeated Panchakarma treatments along with Ayurveda medicines, diet and Yoga Pranayama.

She followed Dr Tanmay's all advises and took up the Panchakarma Treatment and medicines with full faith.

Dr Tanmay suspected that she might get cured in 3-4 years with Ayurveda Treatment but fortunately she got results within 1 year of the Treatment.

She was cured in 2014 and never felt any relapse in her any symptoms till today.

Mrs Hemangini Naik

She had symptoms of both knee joints pain with swelling since 5 years started with left knee Joint and then right one had also affected by the time Course.

As per Ayurveda Fundamentals she has been diagnosed with “Sandhigat VATA” which refers to Osteoarthritis as per modern medical science.

She had also gastric trouble with abdomen bloated since very long.

She took up Panchakarma Treatment as “Janubasti” with “Pottaliseka” and “Nadiseka” for 1 month and also continued with Ayurveda Medicines, Diet and exercise for 1 year.

With the Application of properly well planned Ayurveda Treatments she gets her knees Regenerated in 1 and half year.

Mr. Naitik Lakhani

Mr Naitik was suffering from IBS along with Intestinal obstruction also from last 4 years.

Due to his problems he was admitted in Hospital frequently.

When he came to us Dr Tanmay diagnosed him as VATA dominant GRAHANI ROGA which can be referred as IBS in Allopathic way.

He took Shirodhara Treatment for 10 days and continued Ayurveda Medicines given by Dr Tanmay for 6-8 months.

He was cured from the disease by its Root Cause within 3 Months of course and then continued to Prevent it to relapse.

He got unbelievable results during the starting days of Dr Tanmay's practice.

Mr Suresh Bhojak

One who got cured from his Lumber Spondylitis and Sciatica miraculously within 1 and half months.

Due to his Sciatica disease he couldn't stand straight on his back and even couldn't walk for 10 steps.

He had symptoms of severe lower back pain with severe Stiffness and the pain was referring to both his legs with Tingling and numbness.

He had taken Panchakarma Treatment as “KATI Basti”, “Nadi Seka” and “Basti” for 16 days along with Ayurveda Medicines advised by Dr Tanmay.

He witnessed 70 % relief in his all symptoms in just 16 days and then he continued the medicines and was totally cured within just 1 and half month.