AGNI means FIRE which derives all digestive , metabolic processes in human body.when we eat something, by chewing the food saliva starts the digestive function at initial phase,then swalloed food reaches to stomach,where pachakagni (digestive fire ) with pachak pitta (digestive enzymes ) starts the actual process of digestion.

According to ayurveda this digestive process take place in stomach and small intestine’s part duodenam.

In remaining part of small intestine and in whole large intestine the absorption of the RAS DHATU ( nutitive portion of food ) take place and the KITTA or MALA ( stool ) go ahead through rectum.

When RAS DHATU reaches to liver the metabolism process starts there and fat,protein,carbohydrates, vitamins,minerals seperated by liver and utilize by body.

Four types of AGNI.

  • AGNI is involved in this whole process. So if the AGNI is in balanced state then all digestive, absorption and metaboloic processes will be in normal and balanced state and if these all processes are in normal state then body will get all the nutritive values in balanced and in normal proportion and also the MALA ( waste products ) will be eliminated completely from body on a perfect time . so the bady will be immunized well and he would be free (protected) from any kind of diseases. This balanced and normal state of agni is called SAMA AGNI in ayurveda. According to ayurveda condition of SAMAGNI depends upon whether the VATA,PITTA and KAPHA all DOSHAS are in equal stage.
  • When AGNI is vitiated by increased VATA dosha it alternates between digesting food quickly and slowly.that’s why this is called VISHAM (IRREGULAR) AGNI. The pattern of digestion and metabolism becomes very irregular.it creates flatulence,wind formation in intestine,eructations,abdominal heaviness etc,
  • When increased pitta vitiates AGNI it becomes very quick/very sharp/very fast.that’s why it’s called TIKSHNA ( SHARP AND QUICK) AGNI.in this state of AGNI food is eaten fully and yet, the person is not satisfied by food desiring even more food. Burning in throat,chest or stomach ,hyperacidity, burining micturition , redish , burning eyes,sour eructations , nausea , sour liquid vomiting,body weakness etc. are the symptoms in TIKSHNAGNI STATE.
  • When AGNI vitiated by increased level of KAPHA it beacomes very slow ( MAND) , called as a state of ‘’ MANDAGNI’’. The digestion , absorption and metabolism becomes very slow.those who are having MANDAGNI eat very little and are unable to digest the smallest amount of food. Because food is undigested ,this produces heaviness in abdomen, heaviness in head, respiratory problems, cough , nausea, excessive salivation from mouth etc..