Dr Tanmay Sagar, an ambitious student during the course of his higher education in school , decided to do something unique in the pharmaceutical field.

He preferred to study Ayurveda rather than Allopathy (MBBS) as he observed there's lot to be done in Ayurveda.

He completed his Graduation (BAMS) in Ayurveda from “Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar” in the year 2008.

During his College days he learned practical Panchakarma and Clinical Ayurveda Medicines under Dr Sandip Patel ( Niramay Ayurveda Hospital, Surat).

Soon after  he completed his Graduation, he was selected as the Chief Doctor at Jiva Ayurveda Clinic,Surat Branch and treated 100s of Patients with severe chronic diseases in a year.

In year 2011, he had been selected as an assistant Ayurveda Physician in Naturafarm,GmbH in Berlin(Germany) where he worked with Senior and experienced Dr Kiran Naik for 3 months.

During his stay in Berlin, he flew back to India as his father suferred from a severe heart attack and thus he had to settled down in surat  to take care of his family.

He started with a small Clinic named as Maharishi Ayurveda and Panchakarma centre in May 2011. Been unsatisfied with Effects, quality and Standards of Ayurveda Medicines of well known Companies, he started manufacturing Ayurveda herbal pills in his own manner at his Clinic and then he gradually began manufacturing some classical and patent Ayurveda Medicines in forms of pills,capsules & tablets.

At Present Dr Tanmay sagar is amongst the leading Ayurveda practitioner in South Gujarat. He has experience of treating thousands of patients with chronic diseases like Migraine, Arthritis, skin diseases, Digestive problems, metabolic disorders, infertility, etc successfully with the help of Panchakarma Treatment and his own medicines.

Dr Tanmay has a team of very well trained staff for Panchakarma Treatment and Medicines manufacturing as well in his Clinic.

Dr Tanmay's ultimate Aim is to give his patients healthy life back by curing their diseases from their root causes.

Dr Tanmay's Medicines Manufacturing Speciality

During his early days of practice He used the powdered form of Herbs ( pills or capsule ) but the results from it wasn't as expected. So as an alternative to it He mixed Ayurveda Herbology with Phytoscience.

To the mixture of Herbal powder + (with) Extracts of the same Herbs in lower strength of 3:1, He add herbal juice or Herbal decoction to give BHAVNA SAMSKAR ( processing for maximum 15 hours ), after that He convert them into capsule or pills form.

BHAVNA SAMSKAR = It implies to Specific liquid used ( like Herbal Juice, Decoction, milk or cow urine ) to process Herbal powders + Extracts of same Herbs for Potency Enhancement purpose and purification of heavy metals from Herbs.